Who needs a visa to travel to Iran?

Nationals of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Venezuela can travel to Iran without a visa. They can stay in Iran from 15 to 90 days. If you do not have such passprts, you need  to obtain a visa either on arrival in select international Iranian airports, or from an Iranian consular mission.

Visa on Arrival (VOA)

With the exception of a few nationalities including US, UK, and Canadians, all passport holders can travel independently in Iran. They can also opt for a visa on arrival in International Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad or another international airport. We advise you to consult the website of Iranian Foreign Ministry for the latest updates.

Reference Number

In general, an Iranian visa is processed in two steps. First step is the obtainment of a reference number. Reference number (also called authorization number) is a unique number issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry which references the permission for the issue of a visa by the Ministry. Obtainment of a visa is incumbent upon this permission. Second step is done by a consulate where in you have to submit your passport, either in person or by post (mail) and have a visa label printed and stuck to your passport. Hence, before you submit your passport, make sure that there are enough blank pages on your passport and that it is valid for at least 6 months.The obtainment of  a reference number guarentees that your visa will be issued  upon application. 

Entering Iran via a Land or Sea Border

Visa upon arrival is currently only issued in international airports. If you wish to enter Iran by land or sea, you need to follow the above mentioned process and apply for a visa before arrival. One of the most popular routes for travelers who enter Iran thusly is Turkey. They often submit their request to the Iranian consulate in Trabzon.

Americans, Canadians and Brits Traveling to Iran

The process for obtaining a visa for American, Canadian and British passport holders is the same as the above mentioned procedure. However, the reference number for them can only be obtained upon the request of a sponsor. An authorized Iranian travel agent can act as a sponsor for them and submit the request on their behalf. Whether you opt to travel individually or as part of a group, a certified tour-guide will accompany you during your trip in Iran. 


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How much do we charge for a Visa?

Iran Eco Adventure can obtain a reference number for you as part of the travel program you choose. The cost of this service is included in the price of your tour. We do not provide a reference number independent of a tour.


What should you wear when you travel to Iran?

The dress code in Iran is a lot simpler than it might meet the eye. Men can wear short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts in summer and other warmer months. Short pants are not common in public places such as the Bazaar, historical sites, etc.

Women are supposed to wear loose-fitting shirt and pants that covers their arms. They are also supposed to cover their hair with a scarf. It is uncommon in Iran that women cover their faces; hence, you will probably not see anyone with a burka or similar integral face covering. For more information, you can read this post.

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