You can survey here all the different tours that Iran Eco Adventure currently offers. The itineraries have been designed with the utmost care and planning in order to insure absolute satisfaction on the part of our customers who come from different walks of lives. You can always contact us for a customized itinerary.

Iran's Classic Route: From Tehran to Qeshm

In a word, this tour is a crash course in Iran's culture and history. Not only that, but you will also have the chance for canyoning in Darab and see the amazing jewles of the Persian Gulf. 

The Classic Route of Iran: Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz

What better than to spent two weeks seeing nothing but Iran's cultural treasures? This tour takes you on a journey of Persian culture, history and civilization. 

Iran's Classic Route Plus Scenic Nature Excursions

This tour is designed for those who are fascinated by Iran's history and rich culutre, who at the same time cannot turn a blind eye to Iran's natural beauty. 

The Jewels of the Persian Gulf

We have designed this tour for those who are fascinated by local culture and incredible scenaries. You will have the chance to appreciate the beauty of three isles in the Persian Gulf, taste the local cuisine and wet your toes in water. 

Hiking in Javaherdasht, The Green Wonderland

The breeze of misty mountains and music of nature composed by herds of singing birds touches your soul when you hike on the trail. You will experience such a calmness that you’ve rarely had before. In this tour, you will enjoy local folk music & the taste of organic traditional food that you never forget.

Mount Damavand Climbing Tour (North-East Route)

With this tour you can have a comfortable and secure climb to the summit of Mount Damavand in five days and then a cultural excursion in Tehran. 

Desert Biking in Maranjab plus a Tehran Excursion

This is a tour for a short biking in the deserts of Isfahan Province and to have a sleepover in a 17th Century caravansary.You will have a good experience of staying in one of the most ancient caravanserais in the desert and camp-fire soiree to make your trip unforgettable. Afterwards, we will show you the cultural beauties of Kashan and Tehran. 

Climbing Damavand and AlamKouh

With this tour you can climb Iran's highest Mountain (Damavand 5619 m.), and the second highest (Alam Kouh 4870 m.) as part of an exhiliarting experience. You will also have a taste of some of the highlights of Tehran's cultural beauties. 

Desert Safari from Mesr to Aroosan plus city tour of Isfahan and Kashan

If you have only a week of vacation and wish to see the heart of Iran, then we offer you this desert safari with which you will have the chance to touch on Iran's desert culture and count the stars at night. 

A Beginner's Guide to Skiing in Tehran's Dizin Resort

If you are a ski novice, search no further. This is the opportunity for you to hone your skills in a very beautiful ski resort in Iran. 

Mount Damavand Ski Tour

This is a tour for all ski enthusiasts to slide down the slopes of the highest mountain in the Middle-East.

Desert Biking in the Central Desert of Iran

This tour is designed for desert biking enthusiasts. You will have the chance to bike through the central desert of Iran and enjoy its beautiful landscape. To dust off the heat of the desert, we will show you the historical and cultural beauties of Isfahan and Tehran.

Mountain Biking in Lar National Park

This tour is for those who crave to enjoy the beauty of Iran's Lar National Park. Four days of biking in the foothills of Damavand will be followed by a cozy city tour of Tehran; you can have one week getaway with the right dose of adventure and culture. 

Mount Sabalan Climbing and Tabriz City Tour

With this tour you can visit Iran's third highest mountain and have a quick visit to Tabriz to have a taste of both its rich culture and magnificent natural beauty. 

Hiking in Lar National Park

A great hiking tour in Alborz mountains to pass through Lar National Park, one of significant protected areas because of its diverse fauna and flora yet the great landscapes of mountains and majestic Damavand.

Ring of Damavand Trekking

Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran and West Asia. It's the natural symbol of Iran and Persia and it has special place in persian mythology. For those who dont want to climb it to the summit this tour is a great opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and feel the power of this semi active volcano called white hat giant.

Hiking in Talysh Mountains, from Neor Lake to Subatan Highlands

Northwest Alborz ends to Talysh Mountains, a green area covered with meadows and lush Hyrcanian forest, it's a place for Talysh ethnic group that they are highlanders of Guilan province.

Alamkouh & Damavand Climbing extended to Classic Persia

With this tour you can climb Iran's highest Mountain (Damavand 5619 m.), and the second highest (Alam Kouh 4870 m.) as part of an exhiliarting experience. You will also have a taste of major cultural highlights of Iran.

Mount Damavand Climbing Tour (North-East Face)

08-12  July 2019
22-26 July 2019 
29-02 July-August 2019
12-16 August 2019
19-23 August 2019
26-30 August 2019
05-09 September 2019

Price: €490,-

Alborz crossing; Taleghan to Sehezar Fixed Departure

10-12 July 2019

Price: €320,-

Mount Alamkouh Climbing Fixed Departure

24-26 July 2019

Price: € 350,-

Ring of Mt. Damavand Fixed Departure


19-21 june 2019

17-19 July 2019


Price: € 240,-

Lar Trekking Fixed Departure

Date:  4-7 June 2019



Mount Sabalan Climbing & Sarein Fixed Departure

08-11 August 2019

Price: € 330,-

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