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Iran is a great destination for hiking no matter in sloppy mountains of Alborz or sand dunes of Central Desert. Using the trails in various altitudes and geographical region with different level of physical demand we offer plenty of hiking tours from 2 to 5 days with high service level of camps and local house accommodations.

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Hiking in Javaherdasht, The Green Wonderland

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Alborz crossing; Taleghan to Sehezar

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Hiking in Lar National Park Available 9 Days
Hiking in Lar National Park Available 4 Days 320 یورو
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Alborz crossing; Taleghan to Sehezar

Alborz is a mountain range in South of Caspian Sea and it role as divider between central playa of Iran and Caspian-Hyrcanian forests. The name Alborz has mentioned many times in ancient Persian myths and it has very special place in Iranian culture. Highaltitude Mountains mostly over 4000 meters in Central Alborz are the natural monuments with green hillsides. Passing through this mountain ridge and accessing Northern forests has been an ancient way for Persians who lived at Alborz’s skirt.

7 Days

Hiking in Lar National Park

A great hiking tour in Alborz mountains to pass through Lar National Park, one of significant protected areas because of its diverse fauna and flora yet the great landscapes of mountains and majestic Damavand.

4 Days
320 یورو

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