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Damavand Eco Camp is the only professional mountaineering complex in Iran for Damavand tour, offering special services to ascend Mt. Damavand from North East Ridge. It consists of two camping sites, Base Camp at 2800 meters and Advance Camp at 4350 meters. Both equipped with all the necessary services for a pleasant stay and safe climb.

 Eco Camp considers itself an environmental watcher and does not spare any effort in this regard. Some of the Eco camp’s environmental activities include: Creating a dry toilet septic system, not using cement and fixed structures, Implementing a Waste collection and separation process and using garden firewood instead of burning mountain plants to fuel the campfires.

The Eco Camp mission is to provide professional climbing services for the Damavand climbers while minimizing the human impact on the environment, to guarantee a safe, joyful and successful ascend to the beautiful Mt. Damavand summit. We’re also committed to employing the local community and its services in order to help elevate the local economy.


Creativo y Experiencial

We believe that travel has the potential to change our outlook on life; therefore trips at Iran Eco Adventure are designed with creativity.

Respuesta y soporte las 24 horas

Our expert team is ready 24/7 in order to respond to all and any type of enquiry regarding our tours and services in minimum time.

Comprometidos con el medio ambiente

No matter what type of trip we’re undertaking, we base it upon the standards and principals of sustainable development and responsible tourism.

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