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Safe & Joyful Adventure Tours

The essence of Iran Eco Adventure Tours is to have pure experiences of living in the heart of nature. Our tours take you on journeys from the top of Mt. Damavand’s peak to the magical sand dunes of central deserts and through the ancient forests in the North. These trips are diverse and customized for different physical conditions and age ranges. We pride ourselves on providing everyone with the chance of going on unique adventures while enjoying a safe and joyful trip to one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

New & Innovative Itineraries of Iran

Iran is a vast and diverse country and the moment you set foot on its lands the possibilities are limitless! For over a decade, the experts at Iran Eco Adventure Tours have been meticulously designing and performing innovative ‘’Eco Culture’’ itineraries, that Combines ‎fascinating history, gorgeous natural landscapes, incredible cuisine and the lively local life. In addition, many of these trips take you through unique routes and to destinations that so few have had the opportunity of visiting before.

Responsible and Eco-friendly Travel

We at Iran Eco Adventure strive to leave nothing but our footprint in the nature while we’re visiting. Therefore, one of our most important guideline is to have the least impact and change on the environment during our trips to nature. We respect and follow this standard in every aspect of our tours. At the same time, it is of the utmost importance to us, to respects the norms of the host communities and to support the local economy system by increasing their income and profit.

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Meet our team

Sahanad Aghdaei

Sahand is the CEO and founder of Iran Eco Adventure Tours. He is a mountain climber, an adventure-seeker and a professional athlete. He has been a part of many mountain climbing expeditions including several in Alps and Himalaya. Sahand always strives to come back with innovative achievements from his research trips and has toured and explored many fascinating destinations all over this planet such as USA, Brazil, Africa, Vietnam, Europe, China, Australia and his most recent voyage, the Arctic.

Mozhgan Khalili

Mozhgan is the general manager at Iran Eco Adventure Tours. She is a nature-minded professional and passionate about her country’s culture, history and costumes. In addition to that she is an experienced mountain climber who has succeeded in summit of Damavand from different routes and has led many of Iran eco adventure’s Mt. Damavand tours successfully to the top. Her adventures are not always in Iran and she has made several journeys to Europe, Africa and South America. She believes that traveling can change people and their lives in the most positive ways and that she won’t ever stop seeking adventure.

Ibrahim Salehi

Ibrahim is the chairman and co-founder of Iran Eco Adventure Tours. His forty years of experience in nature and the mountains have been a precious asset to the team. Ibrahim has led on a number of research missions and is passionate about discovering new routes and unique destinations while carefully planning each trip. His creative vision and attention to details always create the best quality of travel in the heart of nature.

Oveyss Kiani

I'm Oveyss. In 2007, after receiving official certification from the government; I entered the tourism industry professionally and seriously as a tour guide and tour operator.
In 2012, I established the Zanjan Province Tourist Guides Association, and I have been working as the head of union board until now.
In 2016, I was also elected as the head of Iran Federation Tourist Guide Associations board for two years.
In 2020, my colleagues and i founded UNESCOIRCTD and in which i am a member of the board. UNESCO Creative Tourism Development Club is specifically founded due to the interest in developing this type of tourism in Iran.
Currently, as the marketing manager of Iran Eco Adventure Travel Company, I am working on introducing more of Iran’s natural attractions to a larger group of tourism enthusiasts, and hope to get more people to acquainted with Iran and its pristine nature.
I am proud to have assisted and guided more than five hundred tourists in visiting Iran directly and indirectly, and would be delighted to be your host as well very soon

Niloofar Arabi

Niloofar work as a tour executive in Iran Eco Adventure Tours. She grew up in a family of adventure-seekers, travelers and mountain climbers and had the unique opportunity of traveling through Iran on her own from a very young age. She is skilled in both English and German languages and enjoys interacting with different people from all over the world, while helping them discover the many fascinating destinations of her country.

Shaghayegh Hojati

Shaghayegh began her career in tourism from 2015. Later she joined Iran Eco Adventure’s operation team and with her dynamic personality and passion for the profession became an expert in managing incoming tour operations including Eco Adventure and Mountaineering travel groups. She cares deeply about providing exceptional customer service for all tours and business operations as well as elevating the local communities and partners all around the country.

Explore Iran’s fascinating history, gorgeous natural landscapes, incredible food and warm hospitality with Iran Eco Adventure Tours, offering expertly designed tour packages and unparalleled services all over Iran, from the magical sand dunes in Iran deserts to high and proud mountains of Alborz and Zagros, to ancient forests in the north, majestic cities like Isfahan and historical gems such as Persepolis. Whether you are a history buff, into poetry, art, nature or adventure, Iran Eco Adventure has something for everyone. Choose your favorite destination right now to shape some of the best memories of your life and discover experiences you won’t find anywhere else.