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Maranjab desert biking: Why it should be your next cycling adventure

Maranjab desert biking: Why it should be your next cycling adventure


Besides visiting breath-taking mosques and ancient sites, there’s plenty of opportunity for adrenaline and adventure in Iran. And that includes cycling and mountain biking as well. You can find many exciting and scenic trails in different parts of Iran, but one of them definitely stands out the most and that’s Maranjab desert. Honestly, we can’t find anything more fascinating that a biking adventure than one and here is why!


The diverse flora and fauna

desert biking


Hearing the word ‘’desert’’ you probably wouldn’t immediately think of the rich flora and funa. But the truth is that one of Maranjab has a very diverse and interesting one which includes plants like tamarisk, saxaul, zygophyllumand and animals such as of wolf, jackal, hyena, sand fox, sand cat, chameleon, lizards and even eagles and falcons.


Attractions like Salt Flat/ lake


Besides the unique and gouges scenery of Sand dunes and dirt roads, what make Maranjab desert the perfect cycling route is the natural surprises that will make your biking trip an extremely exciting one.

The Salt lake or flat (depending on which season you’re visiting) is actually a remnant of the Paratethys Sea. Its surface is around 1,800 square kilometers and Water usually covers about 1 square kilometer.


The 17th century caravanserai


Along the ancient Silk Road, thousands of caravanserais were built in order to accommodate merchants and travelers during their long journey. It was also sometimes used as a fortress. Walking around, you’ll easily be transported back in time and can almost see merchants, travelers and explorers with their mountains of treasure, camels and horses.


City of Kashan


Where you end your trip is just as important as where you have begun! One of the reasons for Iran’s growing popularity among tourists is the fact that it gives you the perfect combination of history, nature and culture, all in one single trip. After several days of cycling in the magical sand dunes, fascinating salt flats and interesting dirt roads at the heart of Iran, you will arrive at Kashan, a historical oasis next to the desert that has been welcoming travelers that emerge from the desert for centuries. Its charm, beauty and serenity will be the perfect end to the perfect biking adventure.


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