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Our desert tours not only take you to a trip on sand dunes, salt flat and oases, also makes a mysterious journey and unforgettable memory for you in places where challenge your soul. Camping in desert and star gazing while you have lounged by the camp fire and once in a while a meteorite draws a line in the sky, will always remain in your mind.

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Rig-e Jen & Lut Desert Expedition

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Rig-e Jen, Central Desert & Lut Desert Expedition

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Rig-e Jen & Lut Desert Expedition Dom rig Available 12 Days
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Rig-e Jen & Lut Desert Expedition Dom rig

  • The excitement of passing through the Sandy hills and dunes with off-road cars
  • Setting foot in "Rig Jen", which has been a long life dream for adventurers and nature-lovers
  • Seeing desert plants and wildlife up close
  • Crossing the Duzakh valley and witnessing the magnificent variety of nature’s colors
  • Getting to know the geological texture of the region and enjoying the sight of the starry sky in the desert night
12 Days

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