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Wether you are a professional skier and wish to cool some steam, or have recently found joy in this white pleasure, the differnt ski resorts in Iran can accommodate your desires. Just browse through this page and you will find what you like. 

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Mount Damavand Ski Tour (SouthFace)-10 Days

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Mount Damavand Ski Tour (SouthFace)-7 Days

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Mount Damavand Ski Tour (SouthFace)-10 Days

  • Ascending Mount Damavand a 1.8 million-year-old massive dormant volcano and the highest mountain in Iran
  • Skiing in the high and proud mountain range of Alborz
  • Acclimatization in Lasem, Doberar and Chengizchal
  • Visiting Tehran, the dynamic and fascinating capital city
10 Days

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