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Classic Tour of Treasures of Ancient Persia and Natural Beauty of Iran
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Visiting Alamut valley (the ancient land of Assassins), unique architecture of Masouleh, Tehran the capital, Kashan and life in desert, Maranjab Desert, Isfahan the peak of Persian/Islamic art and architecture glory, Persepolis the capital of Persian Empire and Shiraz city of poem and flower.

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Day 1
Arrival (O/N: Hotel, Marlik)/(B,-,-)

Arrival in Tehran IKA International Airport, transfer to hotel. Check in and rest.
Day 2
Drive to Qazvin then Alamut valley, hiking to Alamut fortress and visiting the castle of Assassins (2-3 hrs), visiting Ovan lake, drive back to Qazvin (O/N Hotel) (B, L, D)

We start our journey alongside a part of Silkroad connecting Northwest Iran to Rey, then we enter to Alamout valley to visit a historical fortress which is located between Qazvin and the Caspian Sea in the heart of Alborz Mountain. Hassan Sabbah founded this fortress, a leader of Islamic branch of Ismailian converted a local population and founded a “Hashashian” or Assassin group in 11th Century. Then after visiting and stop by natural lake of Ovan we return to Qazvin.
Day 3
Drive to Fuman, en-route visiting and walking in Guilan Rural Heritage Museum then to visit historical city of Masouleh and walking around in pedestrians (O/N Traditional Hotel) (B, -, D)

Visiting the eco museum of rural heritage and walking in forest while visiting the Guilan rural houses and culture is as exciting as spending a month to visit all part of this green province of Iran. Then visiting the historical city of Masouleh with 800 years history will make the day until evening. In Masouleh the buildings have been carved straight into the mountain and are interconnected. The flat roofs and open courtyards also serve as connected pedestrian areas similar to streets.
Day 4
Half day forest hiking to visit Rudkhan castle, after enjoying local cuisine for lunch drive back to Tehran(O/N Hotel Marlik) (B, L, -)

Forest hiking and using the long stairway to reach Rudkhan castle one of beautiful and old castles of Iran surrounded by Hyrcanian forest (found in 500 AD and developed in 1050 by Seljuks).
Day 5
Tehran city tour, visiting Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), National Museum/National Jewelry Museum and Grand Bazaar (O/N: Hotel, Marlik)/(B,L,-)

National Museum
Today is a day to go through history from 5th millennium BC to 648 AD the pre-Islam archaeological museum covers Persia’s history to a view of Islamic works of art. We can walk to get into an old traditional café to have lunch. Afternoon visit of National Jewelry Museum
Golestan Palace
The Golestan Palace from the Qajar period is listed on the UNESCO heritage list. Build on the left-overs of a citadel is it one of the oldest buildings in Tehran. The complex has several palaces a lovely garden. The Qajar family was ruling Iran from 1785 to 1925.
National Jewelry Museum
The national Jewelry museum is housed in the Central Bank of Iran. Heavily guarded this impressive collection of jewelry is unique. One of the highlights is the Crown Jewel, last used by the Sjah of Iran.
Note: National Jewelry Museum is open only on Saturdays-Tuesdays at 14-16
The Grand Bazaar in Tehran is less than 200 years old, but for a much longer time on this spot trading as been going on. In total there is more than 10 kilometer of lanes full of stores. Each part of the bazaar as is own specialty, for example copper, paper, gold, spices, and of course carpets.
Day 6
Drive to Kashan, half day city tour.(O/N Hotel) (B, L, -)

Kashan is a historical city on the desert side and it is well known for it's restored merchant houses. After about 3 hours drive we start our day tour by visiting Abbasian & Broujerdis traditional houses. These beautiful houses which belong to 18 and 19 centuries are illustrating the finest examples of Qajar aesthetic. Then we visit Fin Garden, this delightful garden which is renowned as being the very epitome of the Persian Garden earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list with its historical background, an amazing atmosphere, symmetrical proportions, old cedars, spring-fed pools and fountains.
Day 7
Full day desert excursion and hiking on sand dunes and camel riding, visit a vast salt flat then continue to reach a 500 years old caravanserai in Maranjab (O/N Hotel) (B, L, -)

Day 8
Sightseeing in Kashan, visiting historical houses (Boroujerdis & Abbasian) and Aqabozorg mosque, then drive to Isfahan(O/N Hotel) (B, L, -)

Day 9
Full day city tour in Isfahan, Visit Imam Sq. (Naqsh-e Jahan) & surrounding masterpieces and Chehel Sotoun Palace. Afternoon time to discover the bazaar. (O/N Hotel) (B, L, -)

Today we visit Imam Square , the huge open square in the center of Isfahan with it's artistic monuments at four sides including Imam Mosque with intricate turquoise tiles, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque with some of the best mosaics from 17th century, Ali Ghapoo Palace which was the first skyscraper in Iran and the old Bazaar. Walking through one of the largest squares in the world and visiting history, culture, architecture and handicrafts as well, is an experience you have never had before. Then we walk to the Chehel Sotoun Palace and after visiting this beautiful royal pavilion of Safavid and one of the Persian Gardens registered as UNESCO World Heritage list it's time to explore more of Isfahan at leisure time in the old Bazaar with hundreds of shops displaying the art of handicraft.
Day 10
Visiting Persepolis.(O/N Aghamir lodge) (B, L, D)

It is time to travel through history. It's about one hour to the highlight of our journey, Persepolis the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenide at the height of their domination.
Note: No backpack and tripod allowed at Persepolis.
Day 11
Nomads day, hiking in nomadic places of Qashghai, experiencing nomads living style and daily tasks with them while enjoying their traditional cuisine (O/N Aghamir lodge) (B, L, D)

Day 12
Drive to Shiraz. Visit of Pasargadae and Naqshe-Rostam Necropolis. (O/N Hotel) (B, L, -)

Drive to Shiraz, visit Pasargadae Archeology Site and tomb of Cyrus the Great, the first Achaemenid king and founder of Persian Empire.
In Naqsh-e Rustam there are four tombs cut high into the cliff face. The tombs are from the former kings of the Achaemenid dynasty. Also several reliefs can be found here from Sassanid period.
Day 13
City tour in Shiraz, visiting Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Qavam Garden and Vakil historical complex. (O/N Hotel) (B, L,-)

Shiraz is the city of sophistication that has been celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture for more than 2000 years; the city is well known for poems and tall cypress trees. In the morning we visit the astonishing colorful Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque or Pink Mosque that make our day. Walking through one of the oldest streets in Shiraz we arrive in Qavam Naranjestan Garden. Then we will continue to visit Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath and ending our day by walking in old Bazaar of Shiraz.
Day 14
Morning flight to Tehran, transfer to hotel and check in, free at leisure to visit old bazaar and walking in city center (O/N Hotel) (B, L, -)

Day 15
Departure (B,-,-)

Transfer to Tehran IKA International Airport, departure and fly back home.

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