Iran Eco Adventure
Fixed Departure Tours
Our fixed departure tours are open to all International tourist on guaranteed dates. Everybody can join to this kind of tours individually or in a group with reduced cheaper price.
Tours Title Capacity Duration Departure date Price
Eco Culture in desert and visiting Kashan, Isfahan and Tehran Available 8 Days 31-10-2021 790 یورو
Gandom Beryan and Lut Desert Available 5 Days 02-11-2021 530 یورو
Desert Tour of Rig-e Jenn Trekking in Mysterious Dunes of Genie Available 4 Days 03-11-2021 420 یورو
Desert Tour of Maranjab; Multi Activity Adventure Available 3 Days 03-11-2021 320 یورو
Eco Culture in desert and visiting Kashan, Isfahan and Tehran Available 8 Days 14-11-2021 790 یورو

Why choose Iran Eco Adventure Tours?

We pride ourselves on being one of top adventure tour operators of the country and a reputable partner of many travel agencies and tour operators worldwide. We offer tailor-made individual tours, group tours, fixed departure tours in best adventure destinations of Iran, also eco culture tours for soft adventurers.

  • Expert TeamFor over a decade we’ve developed our knowledge and expertise to take care of every need of our clients as well as making excellent relationships with locals and source unique experiences, boutique hotels and the tour guides.

  • Creative and InnovativeOur profound travel experience and knowledge of destinations is the reason behind our pioneering and thoughtful approach to new and creative itineraries.

  • Environment CarefulnessWe intently try to operate our tours in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly and positive manner. We also use the same eco-friendly policy in office work.

Iran Eco Adventure Tours

Iranian Tour Operator to offer interesting and professional active and adventure tours in several fields such as mountaineering, trekking, hiking, biking, alpine ski and desert safari while exploring the historical highlight of Iran in eco culture tours. Owning the Damavand Eco Camp allows us to offer high quality service in Damavand climbing tours. Our tours provide the opportunity to visit most natural and historical monuments and attraction of Iran from Alborz to Zagros and from Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf including vast central desert of Iran with big sand dunes and caravanserais.

Damavand Eco Camp

Damavand Eco Camp is the first professional mountaineering camp in Iran that offers professional accommodation and climbing services to mountaineers in order to climb Mt. Damavand.

This Eco camp consists of two campsites on the northeast front of Damavand Mountain. The first camp or base camp is in Nandel village at the 2300 meters altitude and the second camp or Advanced camp, is located at 4350 meters on the northeast route of Damavand, near the Fereidoun Flat area.

This fully private, non-governmental complex, was founded in 2015 by Spilet Alborz Company with all the necessary permits from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and the Department of Environment, and is open to hundreds of foreign and domestic mountaineers during the summit seasons. See Camp’s Facilities and Services

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