Top 3 Highest mountains in Iran

Iran’s natural crown jewels

One of The most common misconceptions about Iran is that it is all deserts! But the truth is that from the magical sand dunes in its central desert to the high and proud mountain ranges, to mysterious islands, ancient forests and fertile plains, Iran is a country filled with natural wonders. An in the heart of a lesser known, wilder Iran, lies its majestic mountains. With their breathtaking scenery and surrounded with Culture and mythology, here are three of the most important mountains in Iran.

Damavand (5619meters)

You probably saw this one coming! Damavand is a 5619 meter crone of ice and fire standing proudly in the clouds. If you listen to the ancient Persian legends, it is the first mountain ever created. It is also where Arash the archer shot his arrow and ended 60 years of devastating war and loss between Iran and Turan. And according to the stories from shahnameh, Zahak, a tyrant with two snakes on his shoulders, was imprisoned in mount Damavand after being defeated in an uprising.

Located northeast of Tehran in Elburs Mountain range, Mount Damavand is the highest mountain not only in Iran but also in the Middle East. This 1.8 million-year-old massive dormant volcano is truly something from the legends and deserving of all the fascinating mythology it is forever immortalized in. The mountain is snowcapped all year round and a worthy challenge for any accomplished mountaineer. You can take one of the 4 major climbing routes or choose any of the other 12 paths up to the peak.

Alamkouh (4850meters)

Speaking of a worthy challenge for climbers, Alamkhouh is the second highest mountain in Iran and also the most technical one. Located in the heart of Takht-e-Soleiman massif, it stands proudly like a giant made from rocks and stones, silently inviting climbers to walk in its stony paths in order to reach the top. However, this mountain offers more than just an impressive sight. Alamkouh has earned the title of most Technical Mountain in Iran which says a lot.

It is also home of the Alamkoul wall, a giant vertical wall which is probably the most interesting and in-demand wall to climb in Iran. so much so that climbing it will eternal eternal respect from all Iranian climbers!

Sabalan (4811meters)

It is said when Prophet Zoroaster turned 30 years old, he left his homeland and retreated to Mt. Sabalan, where He lived for 10 years in isolation and meditation. Until one day, there was a new light in his heart and his eyes became open to astonishing wisdom and knowledge. So he wrote Avesta, the Zoroastrian holy book. Now Sabalan is considered a holy place by many locals, so much so, that they swear by it.

Located in Ardebil Province, the third highest mountain of Iran is so beautiful it almost feels like a dream! The mountain itself is a Gorgeous ivory crone set in the middle of a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. And the wonder doesn’t stop there. The victorious climber, who reaches the top, is rewarded with the sight of sabalan’s famous permanent Crater Lake. The heavenly beauty and serene atmosphere is like something out of a fairy-tail and any lucky climber who’s been gifted with this experience will tell you how truly unique it is.

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